UNDP mPowering Action

Creative Direction & UX
for both the Program and Mobile App

PARTNERS:  UNDP, UNF, Royal Dutch Shell & Tribal Brands


Youth + Orgs

mPowering Action was an app and program created for the UN to help them understand what issues were relevant with youth around the world and to empower those same youth with ways to take action towards their cause.

The app also gave youth an easy way to learn and connect with new Organizations and Social Causes.  Exclusive content from Artists and Celebrities around the world were given as a reward and thank you for taking action towards a cause.



mPowering Organizations

Print and promotional material were developed in multiple languages in order to assist organizations and partners facilitating events in various countries around the world.  

To make it easy for organizations and parterres to get the latest assets, an online repository with style guide, instructions and templates were set up on the mPoweringAction.com website.



The App Comercial

To announce the app launch a video was aired during half time at the UNDP's 11th Annual Match Against Poverty (a FIFA sanctioned event) in Bern, Switzerland.  The video was a collaboration between Tribal Brands and the amazing team at Anvil & Iris in San Francisco.